Master Planning Architecture Interior Design




Project: Guggenheim  Museum in Helsinki - International Competition

Client: The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

JP2’s proposal for the Guggenheim museum in Helsinki proposes that building the museum on the selected site is also an opportunity to extend Tahtitornin vuori park to the South Harbor’s edge. A 10 meter wide elevated walkway bridges Laivasillankatu near the south end of the site, and traverses down the quayside façade of the museum as a ‘park ramp’. This linear, elevated walk and ramp provides a pedestrian connection between the park and civic amenities to the west, and the Guggenheim entry and water’s edge to the east. The museum building is embraced by this park extension, and is a two-level structure staying below the height of the adjacent park hillside. A linear atrium along the quayside promenade allows circulation between galleries on both levels of the museum, while providing the visitor with views of the South Harbor. This atrium also becomes a luminous landmark on the harbor.