Maryland Retail

TMIC Plaza Refresh

Project: TMIC Plaza Refresh
Client: Brookfield Properties

The Lifestyle Center at the Mall In Columbia is a collection of shops and restaurants around a large courtyard space.  It is almost entirely surrounded by the enclosed component of the mall with limited direct access or visibility from the parking.  As a result, the volume of pedestrian traffic through the Plaza is low .

JP2, along with Studio H2G, developed a series of improvements to create a sequence of active vibrant spaces that serve both the needs of the retailers and the larger Columbia community.  A massive water feature which was an impediment to pedestrian flow is to be replaced with a wide terraced lawn space with a stage for live or televised events.  Beyond the lawn the Plaza is transformed with new landscape and hardscape and a series of small pavilions with feature paving, soft seating and specialty lighting.  At the far end of the Plaza is a grand pavilion with a tree-like structure which will accommodate larger gatherings and features customized pendant light fixtures.

The tenant storefronts in this area are to be upgraded with new materials, awnings and signage and the mall entrances will also be enhanced with cut metal screens, new lighting and signage as part of an overall strategy to improve the entrances throughout the center.