Project: Morgan State University
Public Safety Building

Client: Morgan State University

Looking to the future, Morgan State University, a Maryland premiere HBCU and fast-growing educational institution, is expanding their campus police and security department. As part of expansion, JP2 Architects designed a new 24,500 sq. ft. public safety building to accommodate office and departmental requirements, and provide new support, emergency operations, and detention facilities. The three-story building, located within a retail development southwest of campus, will be a 24/7 emergency facility with dispatch, roll-call, offices and crisis management functions. The building architecture is designed to fit within the context of the adjacent neighborhood while still maintaining elements of the nearby cutting-edge campus buildings.

Project: Morgan State University Ballfields/Concession Stands
Client: Morgan State University

A new NCAA Women’s Softball field and field house will be designed for Morgan State University. The field house will include locker rooms, a concession stand, a training room, and restrooms for the public. The stadium will hold 210 fans and have an observation deck for coaches and press. All facilities will meet NCAA Division I requirements

Project: MICA Campus Bookstore
Client: Maryland Institute College of Art

The updated 4,500 sq. ft. MICA campus bookstore was relocated from a different area on the school's campus to be in a more prominent and central location while incorporating a modern design aesthetic to work with existing surroundings. Remodeling for the project includes a sales floor with a rotating art market featuring pieces created by MICA students, faculty, and alumni, as well as local artists unaffiliated with the school. New finishes evoke an industrial feel with a concrete floor product, exposed wood trim, and a cedar soffit on the exterior while larger storefront openings transform the space to increase natural light. Since the bookstore was an existing building, architectural design challenges included modifying large existing trusses and utilizing light and dark paint to direct visual focus to products on the sales floor.

Project: John Eaton Elementary
Client: District of Columbia Public Schools

Eaton Elementary is a Pre-K through grade 5 school in the Cleveland Park area that consists of a group of existing buildings built between 1910 and 1980. The proposed renovations include renovated entrance, and a 34,000 sf expansion along 33rd Place NW. Placing the new expansion along the north edge allows the building to terrace down towards the neighborhood and allows for an outdoor educational space for the relocated library. Also, the architecture speaks with the historic buildings using similar materials and maintains the historic window pattern and rhythm for the classrooms. The new entrance is a welcoming and inviting gathering space during school events and daily activities. The proposed architecture is minimal with a glass enclosure allowing the façade to fade into the background giving the focus to the activities within. The second level cantilevered floor contains proposed art rooms allowing ample natural light, filtered through ivy screen walls into the creative classrooms.

Project: DC General Hospital
Client: DC Department of General Services

ISTUDIO-JP2 led the A/E team in the design of this multi-phase campus improvement project. Work includes building systems upgrades, selective deconstruction, and campus-wide infrastructure planning. Rehab of the existing Department of Corrections facilities included decoupling the buildings from centralized utilities. The A/E team designed stand-alone HVAC systems and architectural improvements for over 200,000 sf of high security buildings. The architects led the approach to selective deconstruction of over 700,000 sf of buildings and utility infrastructure with AMT civil engineers. The engineers were instrumental in obtaining DOEE and DC Water approvals challenges and execute the project on a fast-track over the course of the spring and summer months of 2018.

Project: DC Infrastructure Academy
Client: DC Department of General Services

An unused elementary school was transformed into a healthy learning environment for adult vocational education. Classrooms and office space accommodate DC Infrastructure Academy programs that provide infrastructure jobs counseling and training. The ISTUDIO-JP2 Architects team reconfigured interior spaces and upgraded existing building systems to meet current building standards. Educational interior design elements included partitions with vibrant graphics and industrial materials to create spaces in the Great Hall for security, orientation, and counseling. Classrooms are finished with durable materials and the latest technology for jobs training in utility fields. The team worked closely with the Department of Employment Services on the Phase 1 design, permit, and build on a fast track that met deadlines for the mayor’s initiative.


Project: Chevy Chase Community Center
Client: DC Department of General Services

The project is the renovation and expansion of the existing Chevy Chase Community Center that is a key component of the urban fabric to the DC area. The existing center is a 3-story, 32,000 sf facility situated along Connecticut Avenue. The proposed design addresses some of the key challenges which include giving the community center a corner street presence, simplifying the circulation, addressing the accessibility challenges, and creating both an indoor and outdoor environment that is inviting and flexible. Resolving these challenges in a sustainable and artful way, allows the facility to promote DPR’s mission to promote wellness, conserve the environment and provide universal access.

Project: Ward 8 Temporary Housing
Client: DC Department of General Services

The inspiration for this project is rooted in the comfort, healing and lifting up of the human spirit through architecture and interior design. The use of natural light, natural materials and art are integrated into the architectural concept design for the Ward 8 Shelter. As you approach the building by foot or vehicle, we envision a series of inspirational messages that signal a welcome to a place of respite. During this approach, you will get glimpses of the glass stair tower with vertical accents that inspire an upward movement to remind us of the climb required to make the world a better place for all. At the top of the stair tower is a sacred garden for which we strive to attain.

Project: 14th Street Family + Support Housing
Client: DC Department of General Services

The design for the temporary + permanent housing provides 50 families with shared places and outdoor connections for a sustainable and resilient facility. Situated on the east lot line along 14th Street, a new public plaza provides an entrance for the existing Recreation Center directly off the street. Covered by the two housing masses above, the plaza provides visible public space with seating, play area, and possible water feature. The housing units on double-loaded corridors and L shape allows daylight and outside air to all units. Two rooftop gardens and the community room are separated from street activity for privacy, with rooftop city views. Concrete slabs and columns are bookended by concrete end walls with grand exterior stairs and overlooks. The structure lends itself well to a panelized wall system made up of pre-fab panels and glazing. The façade speaks in a similar language to the new apartments and condos to provide a dignified DC housing facility.

Project: Dundee Nature Center
Client: Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks

This nature center lies embedded within a larger master plan for Marshy Point Park, the fragile peninsula of land between Dundee and Saltpeter creeks on the Northern Chesapeake Bay. Built for the Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks, the facility provides park visitor orientation, exhibit and teaching areas as well as staff and research space.

Project: Ronald McDonald House
Client: Ronald McDonald

In an effort to assist with fund-raising, Commercial Development requested JP2 to create a vision for a new 50+ suite as a new home for the Ronald McDonald House in Baltimore, Maryland. JP2 derived a modern aesthetic from contextual materials of the surrounding historic community in an effort to create a warm and inviting environment for guests.

Project: Wye River - Aspen Institute
Client: The Aspen institute

The site of the historic Middle East Peace Accords in 1998, the Aspen Institute's Wye River campus is planned for expansion to include a new conference center with additional guestrooms and other amenities. JP2 provided master planning and entitlement representation, gaining approval from Queen Anne's County, Maryland. The plan respects the original neo-classical estate home architecture and associated colonial gardens.