Cyfair Town Center

Project: Cyfair Town Center
Client: InvenTrust

Cyfair Town Center is an open-air shopping center in Cypress, Texas, a suburb northwest of Houston. The 435,000 square feet of development includes shops, restaurants, professional office space, a Kroger grocery store and a cinema.  However, the buildings were all built with identical materials and details that created a stifling uniformity to the project.

By initially just using a range of paint colors in varying combinations over the existing pink brick facades, JP2 was able to create a more diversified visual composition.  In addition, new canopies, awnings, patterned screens and trellises are used in various locations and in unique combinations to create a greater variety of visitor experiences.  In select areas, new wood ceilings have been installed with modern hanging light fixtures and overall illumination has been upgraded.

The perception is further enhanced with new landscaping at the sidewalk, including an array of colorful planter pots and new custom benches. Colorful murals are planned for many of the remaining blank walls.  The atmosphere of the project has gone from a bland sameness throughout to a collection of one-of-a kind memorable places for shopping, dining, and professional services.