In 2006, Jamie Pett, John Hutch, and Gordon Godat established JP2 Architects in a rowhouse located on Canton Square in Baltimore City. Having worked together previously for a dozen years at large prestigious firms, they found themselves wanting to return to the joys of being involved in the full design process from start to finish. They determined that their combined skills and common goals could be brought together to launch a successful commercial architecture firm, where clients get exceptional design and a seamless project management experience.

With a wealth of experience partnering with clients and listening to their needs, JP2 Architects has delivered successful projects for a range of clients from prominent REITS to local restaurateurs. Pairing the partners’ passion for great design with the ability to prepare clear and comprehensive documentation, the firm has quickly grown in size and reputation. JP2 is known for its capacity to bring large, international firm expertise to each project while providing the hands-on approach expected from a smaller-sized practice.