Housing Master Planning

Lutherville Station

Project: Lutherville Station
Client: MLR Partners and Kinsley Properties 

Sitting between the Yorkridge Shopping Center and the Lutherville Light Rail is the proposed Lutherville Station project, a mixed-use development that combines 250 apartment units, 150 senior living units, 100,000 sf of office space, and associated parking. A significant portion of the site is dedicated to landscaping, providing an amenity for the residential tenants as well as the general public. On the east side of the development, a large plaza opens up to the Yorkridge Shopping Center. This plaza features a wide lawn area for gatherings or recreation, as well as more intimate zones for smaller groups or individuals to enjoy the outdoors. The apartments are four story, “stick- built” construction with internal courtyards, and surround a pre-cast concrete parking structure. The office space is an independent, five story structure with the potential for  retail on the first floor and restaurants on the second floor facing the plaza. The facades of the buildings feature a mix of traditional and contemporary materials in a variety of shapes and roof forms.